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[S2E3] Vasi's Restaurant And Bar

Gordon Ramsay travels to Costa Mesa, an affluent region in Orange County to rescue Social, a modern bar and bistro that despite its tidy decor (est. 2015), has a very dysfunctional group of staff after a highly successful first year, partly due to new competition nearby. From a power struggle of two executive chefs, one of which is returning on his second stint after taking personal leave, citing burnout, while other cooks not following the current, overbearing executive chef's directions. The restaurant is open and reviews are mostly positive. Customers especially love the brussel sprouts and chicken and waffles.

[S2E3] Vasi's Restaurant and Bar

An iconic restaurant in Allentown, Penn., Shanty on 19th, has been a local presence for over four decades, but issues with restaurant staff and its owner threaten its future success unless Ramsay and his team can return the place back to glory.

Gordon Ramsay and his team visit the Catfish Cabin in Memphis, Tenn., which offers traditional southern-style delicacies, but the waning morale of the passionate-yet-splintered team is causing a slew of problems for the success of the restaurant.

Gordon and his team visit the Los Toros Mexican restaurant in Los Angeles, where they discover an over-worked owner who struggles with high debt that is taking a toll on his health, but there could be hope for the owner with some fresh hope.

Gordon and his team visit the Bayou on the Vine, a family-run Cajun restaurant from Kansas City, Mo., where he quickly notices a challenging work environment created by the family dynamic that must be corrected for the restaurant's sake.

Gordon and his team visit Stone's Throw, a family-owned restaurant that serves fine dining on the Housatonic River in Seymour, Conn., which suffers from stressed owners who have let their crew slack off too much for their restaurant to be a success.

Vasi's, a family-owned Italian restaurant in Waterbury, Conn., suffers from a disconnect between the head chef and restaurant owner that makes it difficult to implement much-needed updates, but Gordon and his team work to turn the restaurant around.

Gordon Ramsay and his team visit a Los Angeles gastropub and karaoke bar called Boardwalk 11, where there are strong issues that stem from the restaurant's staff and owner's lack of commitment, which makes the karaoke more appealing than the dining. 041b061a72


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