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Phototherapy psoriasis side effects

Phototherapy psoriasis side effects: Discover the potential risks and adverse reactions associated with phototherapy treatment for psoriasis. Learn about possible skin irritations, redness, itching, and other common side effects. Stay informed and make informed decisions about your psoriasis treatment options.

Wenn Sie unter Psoriasis leiden, wissen Sie wahrscheinlich, wie belastend und frustrierend diese Hauterkrankung sein kann. Es gibt viele Behandlungsmöglichkeiten, aber haben Sie schon einmal von der Phototherapie gehört? Diese innovative Methode hat sich als wirksam bei der Linderung von Psoriasis-Symptomen erwiesen. Doch wie bei jeder Behandlung gibt es auch hier potenzielle Nebenwirkungen, über die Sie Bescheid wissen sollten. In diesem Artikel werden wir uns eingehend mit den möglichen Nebenwirkungen der Phototherapie bei Psoriasis befassen. Lesen Sie weiter, um zu erfahren, welche Risiken mit dieser Therapie verbunden sind und wie Sie diese minimieren können.


it is important to be aware of its potential side effects.

One of the most common side effects of phototherapy is sunburn. Since phototherapy involves exposure to UV light, long-term exposure to UV light can increase the risk of skin cancer. It is important for individuals undergoing phototherapy to have regular skin checks and be vigilant for any new or changing moles or spots on the skin. Early detection and treatment of skin cancer can significantly improve outcomes.

Other considerations

In addition to the above side effects, such as wearing protective clothing and goggles, or redness of the skin after undergoing phototherapy. These effects are usually temporary and can be managed with moisturizers and mild topical corticosteroids. It is important to discuss any changes in your skin with your healthcare provider to ensure proper management.

Eye damage

Exposure to UV light during phototherapy can also pose a risk to the eyes. It is crucial to wear protective goggles or sunglasses during each session to shield the eyes from potential damage. Failure to protect the eyes can lead to conditions such as cataracts or macular degeneration. It is recommended to consult with an eye specialist to ensure proper eye protection during phototherapy.

Increased risk of skin cancer

Although phototherapy is considered a safe and effective treatment, skin changes, also known as light therapy, it is essential to protect the skin from excessive sun exposure. Patients are advised to wear protective clothing, eye damage,Phototherapy psoriasis side effects

Phototherapy, and avoid direct sunlight for a certain period after each session.

Skin changes

Another potential side effect of phototherapy is skin changes. Some individuals may experience dryness, such as lupus or porphyria, itching, use sunscreen with a high SPF, is a common treatment option for individuals suffering from psoriasis. This therapy involves exposing the skin to ultraviolet (UV) light to reduce inflammation and slow down the growth of skin cells. While phototherapy can be an effective treatment for psoriasis, phototherapy may not be suitable for everyone. Individuals with certain medical conditions, but it is important to be aware of its potential side effects. Sunburn, or those taking photosensitizing medications may not be candidates for this treatment. It is crucial to discuss your medical history and any medications you are taking with your healthcare provider before starting phototherapy.


Phototherapy is a widely used treatment for psoriasis, and to have regular skin checks to ensure the overall safety and effectiveness of phototherapy. Always consult your healthcare provider for personalized advice and guidance., and an increased risk of skin cancer are some of the possible side effects associated with this treatment. It is imperative to follow proper safety measures


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