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Tantalite Buyers In Sa

Competitive tantalite products from various tantalite manufacturers and tantalite suppliers are listed above,please select quality and cheap items for you.Besides, we also provide you with related products such as coltan, tantalum, niobium, columbite, gold, copper cathode, ta205, nb205 and coltan ore for your choice.

tantalite buyers in sa

The United States responded to conflict minerals with section 1501 of the 2010 Dodd-Frank Act, which required companies that might have conflict minerals including Coltan in their supply chain to register with the US Securities and Exchange Commission and disclose their suppliers. The legislation appears to have had limited success. Based on extensive qualitative fieldwork conducted from 2014 to 2016 with coltan buyers operating in Bukama Territory, Kalemie and Lubumbashi, Katanga Province, one researcher suggested that conflict mineral reforms resulted in better oversight and organization of supply chains, but that inaction by the Congolese government had led to locally negotiated solutions and territorialization, leading to secretive mining activities.[68]

The production and sale of coltan and niobium from African mines dropped significantly after the dramatic price spike in 2000 from the dot-com frenzy, from $400 to the current price level of around $100. Figures from the United States Geological Survey partially confirm this.[78][79] The Tantalum-Niobium International Study Centre in Belgium, the country that colonized Congo, has encouraged international buyers to avoid Congolese coltan on ethical grounds: "take care in obtaining ... raw materials from lawful sources. Harm, or the threat of harm, to local people, wildlife or the environment is unacceptable."[80]

In addition to the products that are sold to customers, some products for self-consumption and / or steel production can contain mainly tungsten (e.g. rolls and tool steel plates). Tin and tungsten are added as raw materials. Raw materials are purchased centrally by EPO. Therefore, the buyers of tin and tungsten are in the position to identify the relevant suppliers.

Kazera has continued to build through organic growth, initially securing of a three-year tantalum off-take agreement that would support the Company's cashflow through until 31 December 2024. This deal was signed in September 2021 with Jiujiang Jinxin Nonferrous Metals Co Ltd at Tantalite Valley, Namibia. Post-period, in July 2022, the Company announced an agreement to secure a non-dilutive US$7.5 million investment in return for a 49% stake in the Company's marketing, sales and export subsidiary for all lithium production from the Tantalite Valley mine in Namibia. This deal was further improved when, in December 2022, the Company secured a deal to dispose of its entire interest in African Tantalum (Proprietary) Limited to Hebei Xinjian Construction for cash consideration of US$13,000,000. This second deal was the result of continued investment in the asset and its production capabilities including a processing plant refurbishment plan outlining a path to unlock significant cashflow potential from the asset once completed. Exploration work at the Tantalite Valley Mine also sampled high quality Lithium and Feldspar from the site which increased the attractiveness of the asset for potential buyers. The transaction is transformational for Kazera and represents a real milestone for the Company as the first realization of returns from an investment in line with our stated strategy as an investing company of building value in our investments whilst maintaining flexibility for opportunistic exit points. This strategic exit will also enable management to focus on our existing projects and further potential investments.

Under IFRS 15, revenue is recognised when performance obligations are met. This is the point of delivery of goods to the customer. Revenue is measured at the fair value of consideration received or receivable from sales of diamonds and tantalite to an end user, net of buyer's discount, treatment charges, freight costs and value added tax. The application of the standard including the five-step approach has not resulted in any changes to the timing of recognition of revenue in the current or any prior period. Accordingly, the information for 2021 has not been restated.

Under IFRS 8 operating segments are considered to be components of an entity about which separate financial information is available that is evaluated regularly by the chief operating decision maker in deciding how to allocate resources and assessing performance. The Company's chief operating decision maker is the Board of Directors. At present, and for the period under review, the Company's reporting segments are the holding company, tantalite and lithium mining operation in Namibia and the diamond mining operations in South Africa.

In assessing the carrying amounts of its tantalite mine under construction, the Directors have conducted a feasibility study in conjunction with an independently prepared mineral resource estimate. The period used in management's assessment is the anticipated life of the mine to the expiration of the licence. A discount rate of 10% has been applied. The mineral resource report concluded on an inferred 297,600 tonnes of tantalum pentoxide within the White City Tantalum Mineral Resource Area. These estimates are consistent with external sources of information. The three principal variables in the Company's forecasts are as follows: resources, pricing and operational efficiency. In reviewing sensitivities, the following should be considered: a further 622,200 tonnes of lithium and tantalite resources have been identified at Purple Haze and Homestead in addition to the resources at White City, the Company's financial forecasts assume a 65% operational efficiency and resources are forecast to be sold on long term contracts to end users reducing commodity risk.

The Directors are of the opinion that under IFRS 8 - Operating Segments the Group operates in three primary business segments; being holding company expenses, tantalite mining and diamond mining activities. The secondary segment is geographic. Pre-production/ trial revenue earned during each of the years ended 30 June 2022 and 30 June 2021 were from immaterial sales to Alexkor and JAE Mining. 041b061a72


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