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Ability Wars GOD MODE KILL AURA.txt

Devourer of Souls is the 30th ability in the game and costs 6000 punches. Alongside Hivemind, Devourer of Souls is one of the two abilities in the game whose mechanics revolve around killing players.

Ability Wars GOD MODE KILL AURA.txt


The main part of this ability allows you to increase your speed, punch damage and knockback the more players you kill directly either by landing the final hit on a player or knocking them off the map. Both methods grant 1 kill. Your arm gains an aura that changes appearance the more players you kill. Dying resets your kills to 0. In addition, you can steal kills from other players with this ability by killing them. You can enter "phases" with enough kills that drastically increase the viability of this ability.

Upon reaching 150 kills, the user will gain the ability to change the map into a desert for a while. The desert consists of sand, with four small mountains replacing the hills. An obstacle course can be entered below one of the mountains. This ability is one-time-use, meaning that it cannot be repeated again once it is activated.

The ability is then changed when achieving 300 kills, where the player will gain the ability to switch between six different modes, with each having a unique purpose. Each mode has their own cooldown. The Q ability activates the mode the player is currently in.

The ability is then changed when achieving 300 kills, where the user will gain the ability to switch between six modes for specific uses. This ability in particular, will now activate the mode the user is currently in. The following effects of the six modes are listed below:

The map will briefly flash purple, as a type of warning that you are becoming more powerful. More knockback, speed, punch damage and the passive ability to see the ability of players above their heads, extremely useful as it allows you to identify who to kill only. Colored text indicates it's a threat. You get purple effects around your body and your punching arm becomes purple.

You have achieved true power. Upon reaching 100 kills, the map contrast will become slightly increased. You will let out a huge purple explosion and be slowed down, slowly accelerating to your max speed. Unlike the transition when achieving 35 souls, you do not have immunity frames while speeding up, making you vulnerable to abilities. However, once you have reached top speed, you will become a huge menace to the server. A significant increase in speed and health, along with the ability to instantly kill anyone you punch and flinging them off the map. Reaching 150 kills will grant you the "Deserted" ability, as a one-time use. This phase gives the 100 badge, and One shots are not much of a threat any longer taking 2 hits to kill you.

The final phase in the game. The music stops and the screen contrast goes back to normal. You will receive the Infinity Gauntlet which slowly and completely kills any player you punch. Shackle is no longer useful to knock you off due to its complete lack of knockback. Keeping your dodge ability, this has lower survivability than Phase 5, but is still very powerful, keeping its high HP but has nerfed speed.

The Killstreak glove's passive, Soul snatcher, is very interesting, and good with skill. It works like this: Whenever you kill someone, you get a kill, it adds to your power and walkspeed, making you stronger. Once you reach certain milestones, you will gain big stat increases, which are categorized as phases, of which there are 7. However, when you reach 75 kills (Phase 5), you gain an ability activated by pressing E or the Ability Button at the cost of a power and walkspeed nerf. This power is then upgraded again upon hitting 100 kills (Phase 6). The ability is stronger, and your high walkspeed and power are restored. Finally, when reaching 250 kills (Phase 7), you lose the ability in trade for a different ability, which you still keep the glove.

Upon reaching 75 kills, the screen turns purple, then fades, while a powering down sound is played. Rainbow text appears at the top of the screen, saying, "ABILITY UNLOCKED!", then it slides to the top and disappears. Your power is returned to default stats, and your movespeed is returned to about when you have 4 kills, and you unlock an E ability. Each kill gives you a little boost in walkspeed and power.

Using the ability, you raise the glove into the air, and a purple energy orb grows. You then swing the glove forward and fire the orb directly the way you are facing. The purple orb deals only a slight amount of knockback. Getting a kill during the beginning of this phase is one of the hardest things about this glove, especially since the entire server is against you.

Medaka declares her intent to rid the school of the Flask Plan.[143] She follows Oudo down to the thirteenth floor, and is offered painkillers by Naze. Medaka refuses, prompting Naze to ask her if she has learnt to doubt people. Medaka replies in the negative, and tells Naze she still believes the two of them will one day be able to see eye to eye. Upon reaching the thirteenth floor, Medaka wonders at all the computers. Hearing Yukuhashi's explanation, she points out that if she stops Oudo, it would also put a stop to the Flask Plan. She listens on as Oudo describes the merits of the Flask Plan. Medaka objects to the project because of the necessary deaths of the student body; Oudo offers her one last chance to join them, telling her to find a way to complete the Flask Plan so that the students need not be sacrificed. Medaka declines, and tells the remaining members of the Thirteen Party that it is impossible to create a perfect human, describing the "nightmare" of a complete person she has met before (Kumagawa). Medaka does not answer Koga's anger.[144] She is surprised when Oudo attacks Koga, and is caught off guard when Oudo sends her flying with a kick.[145] Rising from the wreckage, Medaka asks Oudo if he still considers himself human. Oudo answers in the affirmative, and Medaka elbows him in the stomach, declaring that in that case, she has no problem with being a beast.[146] Medaka seemingly enters War God Mode, though her hair turns black instead of white. She tells the crumpled Oudo not to get back up, as some of his organs ruptured from her hit. Oudo rises and punches her, an attack she fails to completely dodge.[147] Oudo kicks her arm, breaking it, though Medaka recovers with Koga's healing ability, and counterattacks. When Oudo asks if she is even human, she repeats that she is a beast.[148]

Choujabaru leads the Student Council and Kumagawa to the Viper's Den, a pit on the school grounds.[184] Choujabaru explains the nature of the battlefield, and the rules of the match, much to Medaka's consternation.[185] As Zenkichi prepares to begin, Medaka theorizes who has been training under, but states what is important is what he has learned. She is surprised to see Zenkichi take the lead.[186] She and the others see though Naze's ruse.[187] Medaka questions Naze on how Zenkichi conquered his fears; Naze explains he only worked around them.[188] Medaka and Naze discuss the mechanics behind the Minus Nullify System.[189] Medaka is shocked when Kumagawa surrenders, and warns Zenkichi to be careful.[190] As Kumagawa continues to attack, Medaka tells Choujabaru to stop the fight. Choujabaru refuses, and Kumagawa explains that, since the match is over, the Election Management Committee has no authority to stop him. Medaka makes to jump down, but is stopped by Hitomi, who tells her the impact would drop the netting to the bottom of the pit.[191] Medaka is horrified when Kumagawa blinds Zenkichi.[192] Medaka asks Naze if there is anything Zenkichi can do. When Naze asks why Medaka never told her about Kumagawa's All Fiction, Medaka states it was not an ability he had in middle school.[193][194] She admits that, for the sake of breaking Zenkichi, Kumagawa will make the impossible possible.[195] Medaka is surprised when Zenkichi rejects Kumagawa. After Zenkichi tells her he had a fun school life, Medaka tells him to stop talking as if he is going to die.[196] Medaka goes berserk, entering War God Mode, and the Election Management Committee tries to restrain her.[197] After Kumagawa regains consciousness, Medaka rages at him for killing Zenkichi.[198] When Zenkichi awakens, a tearful Medaka hugs him.[199] Medaka is horrified to learn that the other Minuses are attacking the rest of the Student Council during their training.[200] The Student Council arrive in the parking lot head to the parking lot to help their allies. They find them with worse injuries than Zenkichi; they treat the others at Naze's lab before sending them to the hospital. Afterward, Medaka, Zenkichi, Hitomi, Naze, and Koga meet to decide what they will do next. Medaka laments that there is no one who can replace Akune or Kikaijima.[201] Still in the meeting room, Medaka receives a phone call from Shiranui, telling her that Kumagawa is trying to recruit her sister. She initially decides to leave it up to Naze, but is convinced by Shiranui and Zenkichi to intervene.[202] She and the others defend Koga from an attack by Class -13. Medaka calls Naze and asks her sister to remain her ally.[203]

Najimi asks her how she realized Najimi was using one of her skills. Medaka says it was simple - to ask everyone she knows "who are you" at the right timing. Najimi commends Medaka's tactic, and asks Medaka to call her Anshin'in, to which Medaka refuses since their peace is just temporary, depending on Najimi's whim. Najimi asks to talk somewhere else, where Zenkichi cannot hear them. Medaka pulls off her skimpy bloomer outfit revealing her student council uniform, saying that they should both talk their hearts out as women.[276] Medaka and Najimi both move to the hot spring bath on the 6th underground floor of the clock tower to talk further. When asked by Najimi if she really went through that joke of a training camp. Medaka did not want to leave it half finished, so she finished it in two days. When Najimi shows interest in Medaka's next mode "Forsaken God Mode," Medaka remains quiet. Hearing that most of the 600 that attended the Inspection Meet were Not Equals, Medaka widens her eyes, but keeps silent. Najimi asks Medaka if she wanted to end the program with the possibility that she is raising Not Equals. Medaka vehemently rejects that idea, saying she finds teaching, raising, and leading them is a thing worth doing. Medaka asks Najimi how many people is she, and is shocked by the reply of 7,000 - and even more stunned by the second answer of 700,000,000. Najimi tells Medaka that her dream of making everyone happy is impossible. Medaka already knows that, but that is why she strives for it. Medaka slumps back into the bath. When Najimi comforts Medaka about a mutual understanding, Medaka says that Kikitsu once said the same thing, so she might be the Not Equal of the group. When Najimi grinned, Medaka tells her that she is not stupid, and she already knows all five of the middle schoolers are Not Equals. [277] Medaka realized once she saw that they all cooperated way too easily. Medaka asks why Najimi didn't pick people who weren't friends, to which Najimi says that Kumagawa picked them based on his selection process. Medaka asks again how many of the 600 were Not Equals which Najimi answered with 60.[278] 041b061a72


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