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SCP-076: The Immortal Warrior and His Deadly Blade

SCP-076: The Mysterious and Deadly Anomaly

If you are a fan of the SCP Foundation, you may have heard of SCP-076, one of the most dangerous and enigmatic anomalies in their custody. SCP-076 is a Keter-class object that consists of a stone cube and a humanoid entity that can reanimate after death and go on a killing spree. But what is the origin and nature of this anomaly? How is it contained and why is it so important? In this article, we will explore the mystery and horror of SCP-076, also known as Able.

What is SCP-076?

SCP-076 is the designation given to a complex anomaly that has two distinct components: a stone cube (SCP-076-1) and a humanoid entity contained within (SCP-076-2). According to the SCP Foundation, SCP-076 is "an ancient Semitic civilization's attempt to contain and control an individual they called 'The King of Kings'".

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The two components of SCP-076

SCP-076-1 is a large black stone cube, measuring 3 meters by 3 meters by 3 meters. It is covered with intricate carvings and symbols, some of which are related to various occult and arcane practices. Atop the cube rests a coffin, held up by chains made of an unknown metal. The coffin contains SCP-076-2, which appears to be a human male in his late twenties, with black hair, gray eyes, olive skin, and numerous tattoos. While in the coffin, SCP-076-2 is considered dead, and shows no signs of life or decay.

SCP-076-2 is the humanoid entity that inhabits SCP-076-1. It has superhuman strength, speed, reflexes, endurance, and pain tolerance. It also has a remarkable ability to learn and adapt to any situation, as well as an innate knowledge of various weapons and combat techniques. However, SCP-076-2 also has a violent and bloodthirsty personality, and will attempt to kill any human it encounters with extreme brutality. It shows no remorse or empathy for its victims, and seems to enjoy the act of killing.

The origin and history of SCP-076

The exact origin and history of SCP-076 are unknown, but there are some clues that suggest its possible background. According to some documents recovered from SCP-076-1, SCP-076 was created by an ancient Semitic civilization that worshiped a god called Yaldabaoth. They believed that Yaldabaoth had chosen one of their kings as his avatar, and that he would lead them to glory and conquest. However, this king turned out to be a cruel and tyrannical ruler, who demanded blood sacrifices and oppressed his people. He was eventually overthrown by a rebellion led by his brother, who sealed him inside SCP-076-1 with the help of a group of priests.

SCP-076 was then buried in an underground temple, where it remained for thousands of years. It was discovered by archaeologists in 1891, who opened the coffin and released SCP-076-2. This triggered the first containment breach, which resulted in the death of several researchers and guards. SCP-076 was then acquired by the SCP Foundation, who attempted to contain and study it.

The abilities and behavior of SCP-076-2

SCP-076-2 has demonstrated extraordinary abilities and behavior that make it a formidable adversary. Some of these include:

  • Reanimation: SCP-076-2 can reanimate after death, regardless of the cause or extent of the damage. It usually takes between six minutes to 25 hours for SCP-076-2 to revive, depending on the severity of the injury. When it reanimates, it will break out of the coffin and resume its rampage.

  • Weapon manifestation: SCP-076-2 can manifest any weapon it desires from a pocket dimension, as long as it has seen or used it before. It can also summon multiple weapons at once, and switch between them at will. Some of the weapons SCP-076-2 has manifested include swords, axes, knives, spears, firearms, explosives, and even a jet fighter.

  • Regeneration: SCP-076-2 can heal from any wound that is not fatal, and even regenerate lost limbs or organs. It can also adapt to any environmental condition, such as extreme temperatures, pressures, or radiation.

  • Intelligence: SCP-076-2 has a high level of intelligence and learning ability, and can master any skill or language in a short time. It can also devise complex strategies and tactics, and anticipate the moves of its opponents.

  • Personality: SCP-076-2 has a violent and sadistic personality, and seems to have no other motivation than to kill as many humans as possible. It does not communicate with anyone, except to taunt or mock its victims. It does not show any fear or pain, and seems to enjoy the challenge of fighting against armed forces. It does not have any loyalty or allegiance, and will attack anyone who stands in its way.

How is SCP-076 contained?

Due to the nature and abilities of SCP-076-2, containing it is a difficult and dangerous task. The SCP Foundation has devised several containment procedures and protocols to prevent SCP-076-2 from escaping and causing havoc.

The current containment procedures

The current containment procedures for SCP-076 are as follows:

  • SCP-076 is kept in a reinforced steel vault at Site 25, guarded by armed personnel at all times.

  • The vault is equipped with multiple sensors and cameras to monitor SCP-076's status and activity.

  • The vault is also fitted with several explosive charges that can be detonated remotely in case of a containment breach.

  • SCP-076-2 is considered dead when inside the coffin, and alive when outside the coffin.

  • When SCP-076-2 is alive, it must be neutralized by any means necessary, preferably by using heavy weaponry or explosives.

  • When SCP-076-2 is dead, it must be returned to the coffin as soon as possible, and the coffin must be locked and sealed.

  • No personnel are allowed to enter the vault or interact with SCP-076 without authorization from a Level 4 personnel or higher.

  • No personnel are allowed to engage in conversation or physical contact with SCP-076-2 under any circumstances.

  • Any personnel who show signs of psychological distress or trauma after encountering SCP-076 must undergo mandatory counseling and evaluation.

The previous containment breaches

Since its discovery in 1891, SCP-076 has caused several containment breaches that have resulted in massive casualties and damage. Some of the most notable breaches include:

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  • The first breach in 1891, when SCP-076 was opened by archaeologists and SCP-076-2 killed several researchers and guards before being subdued by dynamite.

  • The second breach in 1904, when SCP-076 was transported by train to a secure facility and SCP-076-2 escaped from the coffin and derailed the train, killing hundreds of passengers and civilians.

  • The third breach in 1923, when SCP-076 was stored in a warehouse in New York City and SCP-076-2 broke out of the coffin and went on a rampage across the city, killing thousands of people and destroying several buildings.

  • The fourth breach in 1941, when SCP-076 was moved to a naval base in Hawaii and SCP-076-2 manifested a jet fighter and attacked Pearl Harbor, triggering the US entry into World War II.

  • The fifth breach in 1976, when SCP-076 was relocated to Site 25 and SCP-076-2 breached the vault and fought against several Mobile Task Forces for three days, killing hundreds of personnel and causing severe damage to the site.

The failed attempts to terminate SCP-076-2

Due to the threat posed by SCP-076-2, the SCP Foundation has tried several times to terminate it permanently. However, none of these attempts have been successful, as SCP-076-2 has always managed to reanimate and overcome any obstacle. Some of the methods that have been tried include:

  • Incineration: SCP-076-2 was exposed to a high-intensity flame for several hours, reducing it to ashes. However, it reanimated within 24 hours and broke out of the coffin.

  • Dismemberment: SCP-076-2 was cut into several pieces by a high-powered laser, and the pieces were separated and stored in different locations. However, the pieces regenerated and reconnected within 48 hours, and SCP-076-2 escaped from the coffin.

  • Acid: SCP-076-2 was submerged in a vat of concentrated sulfuric acid, dissolving its flesh and bones. However, it reanimated within 36 hours and broke out of the coffin.

  • Nuclear: SCP-076-2 was detonated with a 5-kiloton nuclear device, vaporizing it completely. However, it reanimated within 12 hours and broke out of the coffin.

Reality warping: SCP-076-2 was exposed to SCP-2000, a device that can reset the timeline and erase any anomalies. However, SCP


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