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Watch Two And A Half Men S08E07

In the apartment Leonard tells him that dinner is ready and offers to let Sheldon have his peanut sauce since he didn't get extra for Sheldon. On the topic of sharing things that are his, Sheldon mentions the guy with flowers calling on Penny. Leonard approaches the doctor and asks if he can help him. The doctor wants to know if Penny lives there. They met in his office on a sales call and he was hoping to initiate a romantic relationship. She winked at him seductively and touched his arm for two Mississippi's (i.e. a substitute for counting one second of time) Leonard explains that he must be mistaken since Leonard is engaged to Penny. The doctor didn't see her wearing an engagement ring. The other guys exclaim "Really," as they are eating their dinner and watching Leonard's predicament. The doctor concludes that she was just trying to make a sale which Leonard reluctantly agrees with. The same thing happened to him with a cute girl at a pet store when he bought a $2000 iguana habitat. She touched his arm for five Mississippi's. He gives the flowers to Leonard to give to Penny and calls Leonard a lucky man though he does take back the sexually explicit gift card. He walks away looking sad so Sheldon invites him in for a hot beverage. Leonard says that he tried to score with Penny. Sheldon snaps back that so have Howard and Raj and they are still having dinner with them.

Watch Two And a Half Men S08E07

All the guys are excitedly watching Leonard going for his personal best in Donkey Kong. After they open the door, Penny asks if Leonard is okay. He is having the game of his life. The doctor apologizes for locking them in. Howard says that that was uncool, but never takes his eyes off the game. Then the guys cheer again. Penny wants to leave; however, Leonard doesn't want to stop playing his game. Then the doctor offers to show them Toby Maguire's prostate sonogram and they go with him.

The entire frightening ordeal is played up for laughs by the other characters, and even Monroe from time to time. But to watch this episode today would be a rough 22 minutes to get through and laugh about it.

While the family is prepping for her surprise birthday, she is taken and hurt. The second half of the episode has Edith and the entire family going through all of the motions that you might find a family go through on SVU. 041b061a72


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