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for the best experience, use everything in-game. press the buttons when they are highlighted. press l to access the main menu. once you have reached the area of the game, you are able to observe an iap.

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there are two main modes you can play this game in, the close-range sniping and the long-distance sniping. but for this game we are going to mainly focus on the close-range sniping. the close-range sniping game mode is very simple. you will be attacking enemies along the front line or as some people call it sniping-line. while doing the mission, you can fire your gun and shot the targets by pressing the circle key. every bullet has a price tag on it which will be either the money or the currency. there are four types of weapons you can use, the automatic sniper rifle, the automatic assault rifle, the pistol, and the blow gun. where the sniper rifle has the most value to you. while the pistol only has 1 shot but it is the cheapest weapon. the only one thing you have to make sure about is that you have to keep your ammo for your sniper rifle and your pistol and you wont have another choice, go through your magazines you picked up from your missions or buy them. each weapons has its own damage range. the automatic sniper rifle can fire around the area within 80 meters. the assault rifle can fire around the area within 60 meters, the pistol can fire at 50 meters. also for the blow gun, you can only shoot around the area within 40 meters.

the movements in the game are very simple for anyone to get a hang on. so if you are just picking up the game for the first time, you should be good to go. the mouse will control the character, and your weapon will be the mouse pointer.


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