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Sins of a Solar Empire: Trinity - A Review

Sins of a Solar Empire: Trinity is a sci-fi real-time strategy game that combines elements of 4X and grand strategy genres. It was developed by Ironclad Games and published by Stardock Entertainment in 2010. It is a package that includes the original game and its two expansions: Entrenchment and Diplomacy. The game allows players to control one of three races: the industrial TEC, the psychic Advent, or the alien Vasari, and compete or cooperate with other players in a vast 3D galaxy.


The gameplay of Sins of a Solar Empire: Trinity is based on managing resources, building structures, researching technologies, and commanding fleets of starships in real-time combat. The game features a zoomable user interface that lets players seamlessly switch between the strategic and tactical views of the galaxy. The game also has a sandbox mode that lets players customize their own scenarios and unlock achievements.


The game has three main resources: Credits, Metal, and Crystal. Credits are the general currency used by the three races, and are gained by completing missions, collecting bounties, creating a trade network, and taxing planets. Metal and Crystal are mined from asteroids, and are used for constructing ships and structures, and researching technologies. The game also has a Black Market feature that allows players to trade resources with each other or with pirates.

The game has four main types of structures: Planetary Structures, Orbital Structures, Starbases, and Frigates. Planetary Structures are built on planets, and include civilian infrastructure, military labs, trade ports, culture centers, and more. Orbital Structures are built in orbit around planets or asteroids, and include resource extractors, repair platforms, defense platforms, phase jump inhibitors, and more. Starbases are massive structures that can be built anywhere in the gravity well of a planet or star, and provide various bonuses and abilities to the player. Frigates are small ships that can be built at shipyards or starbases, and include scouts, colony ships, cargo ships, fighters, bombers, and more.

The game has three main types of ships: Capital Ships, Cruisers, and Corvettes. Capital Ships are large ships that have special abilities and can level up by gaining experience in combat. They include carriers, battleships, dreadnoughts, siege ships, support ships, and more. Cruisers are medium-sized ships that have various roles and functions in combat. They include flak frigates, long-range frigates, anti-structure frigates, heavy cruisers, light carriers, and more. Corvettes are small ships that are fast and agile in combat. They include strike craft interceptors, bombers, scouts, raiders, gunships, and more.

The game has three main types of technologies: Military Technologies, Civilian Technologies, and Diplomatic Technologies. Military Technologies enhance the combat capabilities of the player's ships and structures. They include weapon upgrades, armor upgrades, shield upgrades, ability upgrades, and more. Civilian Technologies improve the economic and cultural aspects of the player's empire. They include resource upgrades, trade upgrades, population upgrades, culture upgrades, and more. Diplomatic Technologies allow the player to interact with other players or factions in various ways. They include alliance upgrades, pact upgrades, bounty upgrades, mission upgrades, and more.


Sins of a Solar Empire: Trinity includes two expansions that add new features and content to the game: Entrenchment and Diplomacy.

  • Entrenchment adds new defensive options to the game, such as starbases, minefields, defense platforms, and phase jump inhibitors. It also adds new offensive options, such as siege frigates, assault cruisers, and starbase upgrades. It also introduces new AI personalities and balance changes.

  • Diplomacy adds new diplomatic options to the game, such as alliances, pacts, missions, bounties, envoys, and pirates. It also adds new diplomatic technologies and diplomatic victory conditions. It also introduces new AI behaviors and balance changes.


Sins of a Solar Empire: Trinity received positive reviews from critics and players alike. It was praised for its innovative gameplay, impressive graphics, immersive sound, and replay value. It was also criticized for its lack of a single-player campaign, steep learning curve, and occasional bugs. The game has a Metacritic score of 87/100 , and a Steam user rating of 9/10 . The game has sold over one million copies worldwide , and has won several awards, such as the PC Gamer Editors' Choice Award , the IGN Best Strategy Game Award , and the GameSpy Game of the Year Award .


Sins of a Solar Empire: Trinity is a sci-fi real-time strategy game that offers a unique and engaging experience to fans of the genre. It combines elements of 4X and grand strategy games, and allows players to explore, expand, exploit, and exterminate in a vast 3D galaxy. It also includes two expansions that add new features and content to the game. The game is well-designed, well-balanced, well-polished, and well-supported by the developers and the community. It is a game that deserves to be played by anyone who enjoys strategy games.


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